Re 20 Cleansing Tissue by Omar Sharif

Re 20 Cleansing Tissue by Omar Sharif
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  • 170ml / 50sheets x 2ea

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1. Skin Cleansing Effect
It clears the skin of waste matter inside pores, make-up residue, polluted substances including dust, and make you feel cleared skin.

2. Skin Moisturizing Effect
Ingredient containing silk protein keeps your skin moisturized even after clearing makup.

3. Fresh Effect
It is fresh and soft for skin cleaning, containing Witch Hazel extract, barley extract, and B-glucan that is vegetable polysaccharide, which helps the sensitive skin be sedate and protected.

To use:
It can be cleansed easily along your skin line after the cleaning of point make-up of lips or eyes as using the cosmetic paper which is drawn out. Accordingly, it can be usually used this paper when you redraw your point make-up as well.

Re 20 Essential Silky Foaming Cleanser
by Omar Sharif
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