Beauty Clinic Mediheal Wrinkle Minus Smart Tox Mask by Beauty Clinic MEDIHEAL

Beauty Clinic Mediheal Wrinkle Minus Smart Tox Mask by Beauty Clinic MEDIHEAL
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Step 1 - Apply essence which contains grape water, allows mask's anti-wrinkle essence penetrates deeply to the skin
Step 2 - Smart Sheet Mask, reduce wrinkles, lift and firm your skin effectively.

MediHeal Wrinkle Minus Smart Tox Mask is a special smart tox mask which aids in solving skin problems such as drooping, wrinkles, and low elasticity with a tox care system contains wrinkle improving functional ingredients such as retinol, acetyl hexapeptide-8, human oligo peptide-1, seagrape extract and revolutionary ingredients such as adenosine, firm and lift your skin, control wrinkles, reveal your natural youthful skin.

To Use

1. After facial wash, apply 'Mask Base Ampule' evenly all over the face, gently wrap the face with hands to help absorption of the product.
2. Apply the mask on the face evenly.
3. Rest comfortably for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask.
4. Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.

* Taking into account skin turnover period of 4 weeks, it is most effective to use the product continuosly twice a week for 4 weeks.

Grape Water,Acetyl Hexapeptide-8,Retinol,Human Oligo Peptide-1,Seagrape Extract,Arbutin, Adenosine

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