Missha Home Aesthetic Paraffin Hand Treatment Mask by Missha

Missha Home Aesthetic Paraffin Hand Treatment Mask by Missha
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Special paraffin hand treatment at home.
Special hand mask to provide moisture and nutrients to your dry skin to make it soft and moisturized.
Containing paraffin, botanical oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid and keratine. It provides moisture and nutrients to your dry skin and makes it soft, firm and healthy like baby hands.
Highly concentrated essence sheet is easy to wear and includes a sticker to fix it.

To Use
Wash your hands and dry separate hand mask, wear and fix it with sticker.
Massage and leave it for 15~20 minutes and remove the hand mask.
Gently pat remaining essence until fully absorbed.

Purified water, glycerin, PEG -8, mineral oil, butilrengeulrayikol, dimethicone, seteahrilalkool, Hyde Rollei Brazed collagen, PEG -40 stearate, sorbitan Seth raise Eight wheels, stainless Balearic her seed, hydro- jeneyitideusikmulseongohil, paraffin, mechilparaben, Phenoxyethanol, perfume, triethanolamine, olive oil, argan tree kernel oil, urea, lemon extract, ginger extract, Hyde cable Rollei Brazed Latin, Ginseng Extract, Lycium chinense extract, white porcelain, with extracts, soybean extract, dangyakchuchulmul, aloe leaf extract, gonpochuchulmul, kabomeo, propylparaben, salicylic her seed, disodyumyiditieyi, sodyumhayialruroneyiteu
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