Pore Tighten-up Clay Mask by Gowoonsesang

Pore Tighten-up Clay Mask by Gowoonsesang
  • This pore tightening mask combines the clay mask's absorption and modeling mask's moisturizing capacity
  • 140ml

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Great waste absorption: 'Mysterious soil' Amazon white clay absorbs sebum, blackheads, white heads, keratin with the pore mask.

Moisture keep in formula: The moisturizing clay mask overcome the limit of touch that the general mud formula has (NEW formula: lay + the moisturizing capacity that won't crack with modeling mask technology).

Excessive sebum care: Core ingredient Sebucontrol-5 and 100% natural anti-inflammatory Wintergreen(NSA) are contained for remarkable sebum control effects.

Pore-tightening: Silk protein and collagen ingredient gives intensive tightening effects to sagging pores in its thorough pore care.

Skin purification: Multi vitamins are contained in this pore deep care wash off type mask for bright skin without feeling the pull on your skin with this peel off type pack.

Main Ingredients
Sebucontrol-5, Amazon white clay, Wintergreen(NSA), Natural Glucose Polymer, Silk Protein, Multi-Vitamin, Amino Acid Complex, Collagen, Giga-White

1. After face wash, spread it evenly on the face avoiding the eyes and lip areas in appropriate amount(6~7g) along the skin texture direction.
2. After 10~15 min, when the mask dries, rinse it off with warm water rubbing.
* Recommended to use: Once or twice a week.
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