Dr Jart+ AGE-X The First Serum by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ AGE-X The First Serum by Dr Jart+
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  • 100ml
  • To Use: Apply after washed face in the morning and night then gently pat with fingers.

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Anti-wrinkle booster that restores our skin and makes the next-step more effective.

- First-step serum after cleansing
It is the most effective repair treatment for skin
Apply the serum as a first step of the basic skin care instead of using toner.

- Booster that maximizes the efficacy of next-step
This essence-type booster helps to absorb the next step of skin care to be maximized effect.
No-Fragrance & No-Colorant

- Wrinkle decline function with increasing elasticity
Dr. Jart+'s berry cocktail which has patent for its anti-oxidant features, adenosine, and peptide, prevent the skin from aging internally and externally . Delivers the firming effects.

- Freshness and good penetration.
It's penetration is so great that all of active ingredients will be deliver down to
the horny layer of skin. It's absorption is quick with fresh feels.

- Giving moisture and vitality
To prevent dryness and evaporation of moisture. Keeps skin moist delivering vitality to your skin.

Main Ingredients:
Berry cocktail : patented anti-oxidant material by Dr. Jart+
Adenosine : announced ingredient for wrinkle decline
Peptide : increase elasticity of the skin
Arginine : give vitality to the skin

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