Dr Jart+ Anti-Red Vitamin-K Serum by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ Anti-Red Vitamin-K Serum by Dr Jart+
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  • 30ml
  • To Use:
  • 1. Use toner to arrange the skin texture after wash. then, apply to the entire face or where necessary by gently tapping.
  • 2. After fully absorbed, use lotion and cream for better results.

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Vitamin-K serum suited to care flushed skin from frequent temperature change

- Highly concentrated Vitamin-K
High saturation of Vitamin K manages skin tone balanced and soothes easily flushed skin. Acts on reddish trouble spots restoring to smooth and soft skin texture.

- Low-irritation formula for sensitive skin
Low-irritation formula makes it safe to use on sensitive skin types. Can be used as water essence for sensitive and troubled skin. Increased moisturization and nutrition make the skin soft and shiny.

- Moisturizing energy for thirsty skin
Hyaluronic acid and Allantoin make rough skin moist and energetic and quench the thirst of the skin. Maintains firmness by preventing widening of pore from excess sebum.

- Soothing effect for comfortable skin
Tightening effect soothes the skin. Absorbs fast without stickiness for refreshing finish.

Main Ingredients:
Vitamin-K : Refining skin tone & Calming
Allantoin : Softening & Moisturizing skin
Hyaluronic Acid : Natural moisturizer
Guaiazulene : Hydrating & Protecting

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