Isa Knox X2D2 Original Recovery 3pcs Set by ISA KNOX

Isa Knox X2D2 Original Recovery 3pcs Set by ISA KNOX
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  • Anti-Aging
  • X2D2 Original Recovery Skin 150ml + 20ml
  • X2D2 Original Recovery Emulsion 130ml + 20ml
  • X2D2 Original Recovery Cream 50ml + 13ml
  • X2D2 Original Serum 10ml
  • X2D2 Original Eye Cream 6ml

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Isa Knox X2D2 Original Recovery Skin

The moisturizing nutrient skin absorbs deeply into the skin layer, cares effectively for the cause of skin aging, improves the hydration of your skin with the excellent nourishing feeling and the soft texture, and helps the skin care product for the following step absorb the nutritional, active component deeply.

Isa Knox X2D2 Original Recovery Emulsion

The creamy texture nutrient emulsion makes it possible for not only the rich nourishment, but also non-shiny finish, optimizes the balance between the oil and the hydration on the skin, contributes to the better absorption of the highly concentrated nutrient, and offers the full, nourishing resilience to the skin.

Isa Knox X2D2 Original Recovery Cream

The highly nutrient, smooth anti-aging cream, a fine texture cream, softly attaches to the skin. Regardless of your skin type, it helps the nutrient ingredients lock inside the skin only with your finger tips.
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