KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Esthetic by KOSE

KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Esthetic by KOSE
  • 150ml / 5 fl.oz.
  • To Use:
  • <li>Take about 3 spatula of Herbal Esthetic.</li>
  • <li>Massage it over your face with circular motion for 1 minute.</li>
  • <li>After finishing the massage, then leave it on your face for 1 minute.</li>
  • <li>Tissue off the remaining of Herbal Esthertic on your face, and wash it with water.</li>

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This is the first Kose Sekkisei product that contains 10 Chinese herb extracts to promote whitening and softening results to the skin.

This product can be used as mask and massage cream to help the penetration of nutrients contained in the product. It also helps to remove dead skin cells and smooth out rough skin texture.

Prevents freckles and black spots caused by sun exposure. The hydrating creamy texture of this product can create a thin layer on the skin after the application. Not only does this improves the natural moisture and hydrating level of the skin but also increases elasticity of the skin.
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