Sansim ChalYunBiChaek ChalYun Cream, Chal Yun Aroma Oil by SanSim

Sansim ChalYunBiChaek ChalYun Cream, Chal Yun Aroma Oil by SanSim
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  • Chal Yun Oil: 10ml
  • Chal Yun Cream: 75ml

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Medicinal Aroma Oil and Firming Cream that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin from deep within.

Product Information:
Sansim Chal Yun Bi Chaek contains skin calming medicinal aroma oil that allows the skin to rest and recharge and a massaging cream that firms and tightens the skin from deep within.


Step 1. Chal Yun Aroma Oil: Use when body and mind is fatigued or when physical condition is down due to stress.
1) Open the Sansim Chal Yun Aroma Oil. Close your eyes and inhale deeply.
2) Place 3-4 of aroma oil into the palm of hands and gently rub hands together to generate heat. Apply by wrapping both hands a round the cheeks and gently spreading over the entire face.
3) Use the ring finger to apply gently pressure for 5 seconds to the acupuncture points shown in the fingure on the top (Yepung, Gwannyo, Georyo, Chanjuk, Yeonghyang, Jichang, Hagwan)

Step 2. Chal Yun Cream: Use on skin that has become thin and has lost firmness due to the onset of aging.
Application of the cream following the aroma oil treatment can maximize its effects and help achieve complete absorption.
1) Apply and adequate amount evenly to face and neck.
2) Lymph massage in the direction shown by arrows in the figure on the top.
- Rub the neck area in the direction of the clavicles.
- Rub from eye area to the forehead, from the center of the forehead in upward and downward motion, the in to the right and to the left.
- Draw smll circles with gentle pressure around areas with fine lines such as mouth, eye, and temple area.
- Rub from the center of the cheek in outward motion with index finger.
- Hold the earlobes between thumb and index finger and gently pull.
- Push against the ears using the palm of the hands, release, fold the ears, apply pressure, release. Repeat.
- Start at the upper jaq area where the earlobe is attached, and apply pressure gently with hands and brush down toward the chin along the jaw line. Repear 3-5 times.
3) If there is too much excess, use a facial tissue to pat away oiliness.

1. Stop using the product when any of the following are experienced. Continued use may aggravate the condition, therefore you must seek the advise of a dermatologist.
1) If red spots, swelling, itchiness, or irritations occur
2) If the above are observed in the area of application as a result of exposure to sun
2. Avoid use on skin with open scars, scratches, eczema, or any form of dermatitis.
3. Take caution so the product does not come in contact with eyes. If the product enters the eyes, immediately flush with running water.
4. Use only for intended purpose
5. Do not mix with any other substances.
6. Storage and Handling
1) Close after each use
2) Keep out of reach of children
3) Keep out of high temperature and avoid exposure to direct sun
4) Discard any removed portion. Putting the portion back into the container may contaminate the product
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