Cleansing Clay Mask, Detox Clay Powder, Face & Body Scrub Set by IonClay

Cleansing Clay Mask, Detox Clay Powder, Face & Body Scrub Set by IonClay
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  • Cleansing Clay Mask: 10oz.
  • Detox Clay Powder: 6.5oz.
  • Face & Body Scrub: 5oz.

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Cleansing Clay Mask

It is a 100% natural product. Through ion effect, it removes the waste and various chemicals in the pores of your skin and the natural mineral ingredients penetrate in the skin deeply to keep clear and clean skin.
It has an excellent effect on removing free radicals, skin trouble, wrinkles, and skin-lightening.

How to Use:
Apply suitable amount to the face thickly avoiding the immediate eye and lips area after cleansing.
Oily skin should leave it on for 15-20 minutes; dry and sensitive skin should leave it on for 5-10 minutes; and clean it with water.

Detox Clay Powder

It is a 100% natural mineral powder product which has an excellent effect on the full bath, lower-body bath, and foot bath. It not only removes toxins in the skin but also penetrates in the pores deeply to keep your body elastic and clean.
You can experience satisfactory effect like spring water and most famous finest spas around the world use this product.

How to Use:
Put suitable amount of powder in the bathtub to dissolve and take a bath about 15-20 minutes.
Avoid using any metal container when you use it for partial skin problem or itchiness. Apply it after diluting the powder with water at the ratio of 1: 2.5.

Facts & Tip
PREPARATION (Note: Do not use metal containers or spoons to prepare medicinal clay) Use a large plastic, glass, or wooden food container with a lid. Combine water and Clay in steps as follows: This is very important.
It's best to prepare a large quantity.
Use 2-1/2 parts water with 1 part clay.
Put clay into water - not water into clay.
Add more clay, then more water, etc.
Top off with water - DO NOT STIR
Punch holes in clay mixture to add water

Face & Body Scrub

This product is mineral Clay which removes dead skin cells and helps renew the skin. With its lubricant effect, your skin will be upgraded to become elastic and soft.

How to Use:
Apply suitable amount to the face and neck evenly and massage them avoiding immediate eye and lips area after cleansing and wash it with warm water after 1-2 minutes.

What is ion Clay? The organism existent in the clay
  • It is extracted in the Mohave Desert located in the southwest of the United States where it has not been washed away by snow or rain and strained, and polluted by bad environment after carefully selected process.
  • The 100% safe and pure natural Bentonite is a mineral which belongs to a family of Montmorillonite.
  • It is alkaline with a pH of 9.7.
  • The content of magnesium and calcium (13~11%) is very high.
  • When water is added to Clay, it produces negative ions through the mysterious ion effect and it changes to improvement effect.
  • The negative ion effect is essential for the metabolism of our body.
  • The strong ion effect gives our skin damaged from contaminated environment and pollution the effect of detoxification and sterilization that will absorb and break down toxins and waste of the skin and the high quality of mineral ingredients will give our body beauty treatment.
  • It is excellent to regenerate the coarse and wrinkled skin and has the soothing effect for the burned skin (ultraviolet rays), itch spot, burn, and scar as well as stopping inflammation and pain.
  • It accelerates blood circulation and gives vitality for the cell to satisfy your body.
  • Montmorillonite is the major source of supply of the Trace Mineral (trace elements required by living organism or delivery elements that exchange information among tissue cell organs).
  • It is FDA GRAS (FDA recognized safe substance) substance.
  • It is made by the top technical staff of the industry that has 30 years of experience and knowhow.
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