5a Control Skin & Emulsion Set by LJH

5a Control Skin & Emulsion Set by LJH
  • 5a Control Skin 150ml
  • 5a Control Emulsion 100ml
  • Free gift (5a Control Cleansing Gel miniature)

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5a Control Skin helps to beautify skin texture and tone at once with fresh and mat texture. It contains brightening ingredients to control skin blemish.

Its Anti-Radical Complex helps prevent skin from deteriorating from external harmful factors. Dipotassium glycyrrhizate remains your skin clean and soft.

To use
Apply 5a Control Skin on your whole face and neck with cotton pads. Massage your face with outward strokes.
Pay special attention to T-zone where sebum secretion is concentrated.

5a Control Emulsion is specially developed for oily and combination skin. It helps to control sebum secretion factors with non-sticky texture. 5a Clearing System and licorice extracts specially control the greasiness of T-zone area and help to keep a clean make-up and mat skin texture.

Also, it contains various moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which helps to balance oil and moisture for smooth and moisturized skin.

To use
After applying Daily Balance Serum, apply the proper amount to the whole face and neck. Keep tapping until it is completely absorbed.

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