AHC Whitening Special Gen Solution by A.H.C

AHC Whitening Special Gen Solution by A.H.C
  • Intensive Whitening Solution which improves dull looking skin and keeps moisture balance
  • 120ml

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The Special whitening formula makes your skin bright and smooth by being penetrated into the skin.
It refines pore and strengthen the moisture layer of skin for a clear complexion.
5 kinds of AHA exfoliate to increase absorptive power of the next product.
Botanical ingredients such as niacin amide and Japanese apricot prevent melanin movement to take care of darkening.
Natural moisturizing factor and amino acid protect moisture inside skin to offer moisturizing and illuminating transparency.
Hypoallergenic texture that helps moisture and nourishment delivery without paraben.
Essential toner that creates soft and smooth skin.

Niacin amide, rice callus culture extract, snail mucus filtrate, trichosanthis extract, common morning glory extract, evening primrose extract

To Use
After cleansing, apply all over face.
Whitening Special Gen Solution -> Whitening Special Gen Serum -> Whitening Special Gen Cream
AHC Whitening Special Gen Serum
by A.H.C
AHC Whitening Special Gen Cream
by A.H.C
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