Charmzone DeAGE Red Addition Skin Toner by Charmzone

Charmzone DeAGE Red Addition Skin Toner by Charmzone
  • 130ml / 4.39 FL. OZ.

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Tidying up and nourishing effects keep skin texture smooth.

- Astringent effect: Astrindyl keeps skin balance after washing and tightens skin pores, thus keeping your skin smooth.
- Moisturizing effect: plant extracts from young root barks give moisture on your face that gets dry after washing.
- Refreshing effect: CRD-2 factor from red foods refreshes your skin that gets tired and unbalanced.
- Energizing effect: Plant extracts from bamboo leaves and rooibos energize your skin

How to use
After washing or cleansing, wet a puff with the toner and apply it on your face or neck patting lightly.
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