Dr Jart+ Most White Skin Mist by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ Most White Skin Mist by Dr Jart+
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Powerful whitening effect makes skin tone brighter
Essential toner with Arbutin and patented whitening ingredient Glycyrrhiza glabra make dark skin brighter and deliver energy without skin irritation.

Uses ano-liposome, capsulated whitening ingredients
ano-liposome technology, a high-tech for stabilizing water-soluble matter and delivering substances escorting whitening ingredients such as Arbutin, Vitamin B3, and other active ingredients deeply into skin.

Generous amount of moisture deliver the energy for moisturzing skin
Pentanol, Portulaca oleraces extract, and Ceramide prevent moisture loss while maintaining skin soft and moist. Great for the dry skin.

Pore tightening and sebum controlling effect
Tightening pores makes skin smooth and organized. Sebum controlling water-soluble collagen ingredient makes skin healthier skin elasticity increased.

Main Ingredients:
Arbutin: : Whitening
Patented Glycyrrhiza glabra extract : Brightening
Betaine : Softening skin, Providing elasticity
Grapefruit peel extract : Boosting
Pentanol : Nourishig & Moisturizing
Portulaca oleraces extract : Hydrating, Calming skin
Ceramide III : Providing moisture, elasticity & nutrient
Soluble Collagen : Enhancing skin elasticity

To Use
After washing face, spray 20-30 cm in distant with eyes closed. Gently dab or use cotton pads.

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