Bichup Ja Saeng 2pcs Set by The History of Whoo

Bichup Ja Saeng 2pcs Set by The History of Whoo
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  • Ja Saeng Essence: 45ml
  • Ja Saeng Essence: 20ml
  • Hwa Hyun Eyecream: 5ml
  • Hwa Hyun Cream: 10ml
  • Goong Joong Lipbarm

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Bichup Ja Saeng Essence is the typical essence of 'The history of Whoo' which cares every skin troubles. It contains 'Chojahabidan' which has skin self-generation effect and 'Gongjinbidan','Gyeongokbidan','Cheongsimbidan' which are three secret noble processes from Royal court. You can experience self-generation, wrinkle improvement, moisturizing, elasticity improvement and better complexion of skin with continuous use of Bichup Ja Saeng Essence for more than 2 weeks.

[Queen's secret compound to allow skin to regain strength - Bichup]

The essences of vitality, Chojahabidan and the 3 court secret compounds enable your skin to strengthen by itself. You can experience self-strengthening of your skin by self-recognizing skin troubles with Bichup Ja Saeng Essence containing court secret healing elements.

After using balancer, dispense an adequate amount and apply gently. Press both hands to the face for full absorption.

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