ISA KNOX X2D2 Wrinkle Corrector Set by ISA KNOX

ISA KNOX X2D2 Wrinkle Corrector Set by ISA KNOX
  • Wrinkle corrector boosts skin's elasticity and fills deep wrinkles and fine, lines with its excellent adherence. Enjoy the enriching 3D infusion.
  • 60ml + extra samplers

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Wrinkle corrector boosts skin's elasticity and fills deep wrinkles and fine, lines with its excellent adherence. Enjoy the enriching 3D infusion.

This set comes with extra samplers including Isa Knox Te'rvina Original Balance Solution, Te'rvina Hydrating Softener, Te'rvina Hydrating Emulsion, Te'rvina Intensive Revital Ampule, Te'rvina Concentrating Cream, and Te'rvina Concentrating Eye Cream.

To Use
Facial expressions are made by moving muscles but frequent muscle movements cause wrinkles. In particular, wrinkles are prone in the forehead and the areas around the eyes and mouth because muscle movements there go against the alignment of the muscles. Therefore, it is important be at 90 to the direction of the wrinkles for an effective wrinkle management. After applying emulsion, apply a pea-sized amount over the areas of concern. For topical treatment around the eyes, take a pearl-sized amount and lightly tap on for better absorption.

When to Use X2D2
Skin Softener > Wrinkle Serum > Emulsion > Wrinkle Corrector > Eye Cream: for dry eye area > Face Cream

ISA KNOX X2D2 Unveils the Secret to Skin Aging
Skin encounters a wide range of aging signs as it ages. There have been tireless studies by numerous skin and cosmetic scientists to identify the root cause of skin aging. For decades, ISA KNOX researchers have been searching for the fundamental cause of skin aging. Finally, they discovered the Skin Aging Code (SAC) that accelerates the pace of aging. When SAC is impacted by external environment, skin loses its youth and begins to show many different aging signs.

ISA KNOX X2D2 Surpassing the Limits of Anti-Aging
In collaboration with the French research institute, Sederma, ISA KNOX has succeeded in commercializing JUVINITY™ for the first time in Korea. JUVINITY™ is a revolutionary property that revitalizes the aged skin by caring for the skin s aging indicator known as the Skin Aging Code (SAC). The remarkable JUVINITY™ reinforces the skin's supporting foundation to go beyond from simply treating aging signs to caring for the root cause of aging.

X2D2 3D Wrinkle Care
ISA KNOX X2D2 is an innovative 3D wrinkle care line to care for the source of skin aging and strengthen the skins foundation. Now, the more powerful Nanomedi-A plumps the skin to add dimension to the face and ISA KNOX's proprietary 3D-Peptide™ complements the 3D facial contour and sculpts the rich skin dimensions to diminish the signs of wrinkles.

3D Wrinkle Care for Firm Filling from the Inside
Nanomedi-A produces greater amounts of collagen to facilitate the creation of wrinkles' dimensional structure and improves penetration into skin cells while super-enriched Medimin-A (patented in six countries : US, Japan, Italy, Germany, UK, France) generous fills the dense 3D structure to plump and firm skin texture.

3D Wrinkle Care for Added Elasticity and Plumpness
ISA KNOX X2D2 3D Wrinkle Care is formulated with the 3D-Peptide™ to develop skin's 3D structural forms. Feel the difference of the skin's dimensional finish.
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