Gongjinhyang Chung Yeo Essence Yoon

Gongjinhyang Chung Yeo Essence Yoon by The History of Whoo
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Chung Yeo Essence/Yoon is a refreshing and moisturizing high concentration essence that possesses double royal court secret method with combination of the 'Chungyeolchunggisan' that soothes the feverish skin surface and the 'Yanghyuljinyindan' that fills the lacking Yin inside the skin . When soothing the feverish sensation of exterior skin, it purifies the pigmented skin tone and helps the face retain moisturized long time.

[Gongjinhyang:Chung - Secret formula of the royal court for controlling heat and the preliminary skin fever]

Gongjinhyang:Chung is the product that controls the preliminary skin fever of those who are in their mid-to-late twenties and early thirties. It fundamentally lowers the fever and neutralizes red complexion to make your skin tone bright. It also makes your skin soft and smooth like silk.

After conditioning the skin tone with balancer, apply an appropriate amount on the whole face gently then leave it to be absolved deeply by wrapping the face with the palm.
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